Characteristics of a Good Real Estate Agent

There’s a big difference between a mediocre real estate agent and a good real estate agent. Knowing what separates the two can make or break a real estate career.

There’s a lot of competition out there in the local real estate market. It’s crucial a realtor does everything possible to rise above the rest if they want to be successful. It doesn’t matter if you are buying real estate in Dubque, IA, Guttenberg, IA or Timbukto. It doesn’t matter if you are buying a home or selling your home. To point you in the right direction, here’s a list of characteristics of good real estate agents:

♦  A good real estate will put your best interests ahead of their own. They will do what’s best for you and not their commission. This includes allowing other agents to show your home. Doing so, increases the pool of buyers allowing you to sell your home faster and for a better price.

♦  Good real estate agents are good listeners. They won’t judge a client or assume they know the type of property a client is looking for. They will listen closely to what the client’s needs are and will show them properties based on what was discussed.

♦ Good real estate agents do their homework. They know the market in their geographic area, including its market trends, values, schools, neighborhoods, restaurants, pros and cons, legal issues, and any hidden gems an area may have.

♦ Good real estate agents are educated on every aspect of the real estate transaction. It is easy to show a home. Anyone can do it. But, a good realtor will know how to write a contract, have strategies for writing a contract when there is competition, negotiate throughout the offer process and navigate through obstacles in the closing process to get you to the closing table. 

♦ Good real estate agents educate their clients on the process of buying a home so that the client has the knowledge necessary to make the best possible choices for their situation.

♦ After the purchase agreement has been signed, good real estate agents stay in constant contact with all parties to keep the process moving forward and to stay on top of issues which could cause delays.

♦ Good real estate agents know how to counsel their clients  when glitches and unrealistic requests by the other side arise. An experienced agent can help temper frustrations and emotions during the home buying or selling experience.

♦ Good real estate agents learn how to use the internet to their advantage for helping both home buyers and home sellers. They utilize the most popular websites to advertise your home to the largest pool of buyers available.

♦ Good real estate agents use their time wisely. They only list marketable properties and tend to work with clients who are pre-approved and prepared to buy. A good agent won’t have time to list a property that they know is over-priced and won’t sell. 

♦ Good real estate agents have a vast network of connections. Their list of connections includes other real estate agents and brokers, appraisers, mortgage loan officers, home inspectors and contractors as well as potential buyers and sellers.

♦ Good real estate agents are organized. Juggling multiple clients, properties and transactions is difficult but successful real estate agents find ways to keep everything in order.

♦ Good real estate agents are aggressive but polite. They know how to competitively market and sell a house and are quick to adopt new techniques and strategies.

♦ Good real estate agents are tenacious. They never give up until they succeed.

♦ Good real estate agents are problem solvers. They don’t take no for an answer and come up with creative solutions to whatever problems or issues they may encounter.

♦ Good real estate agents are self-motivated entrepreneurs. Although they work for a broker, a good sales agent knows they are their own boss and must be self-disciplined, focused and determined to succeed.

♦ Good real estate agents are honest. The key to a long and successful career in real estate is a good reputation which can only be earned by always being honest and straightforward with their clients.


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